Supporting Logistics

Logent is an all-embracing logistics company with long experience based on broad and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Our services ranges from local operating solutions to global business support. Increasing demands for efficient logistics require specialist knowledge and skills in specific situations, and this is where we can offer added value that really makes a difference in our customers' businesses - it's what we call Supporting Logistics.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner to logistics intensive companies and operations by providing a unique value proposition and complete set of logistics services within the Nordics.


Gazelle nominations


Billions of SEK in turnover in 2015

103 %

average annual growth 2006-2012

Our history


Logent established through merger of Smilu Logistikentreprenader Sverige AB and LG Ahlberger Logistics Consulting AB.


Logents model for cost analysis is launched


Logent expands operations to include Norway.


Logent expands its range of services through Logent Customs AB.


Logent Ports & Terminals established in Stockholm and Sundsvall.


Logent Ports & Terminals expands through establishment in Gothenburg of Logent Automotive Logistics – a concept for the automotive industry.


Logent acquires Orcus AS in Norway and strengthens Its Norwegian operation. Logent takes over Hallsberg Terminal.


Logent secures establishment within customs and freight management with 4PL services. Logent has a new owner in Adelis Equity Partners.


In Gothenburg, Logent now operates the fifth largest container port in Sweden in terms of units handled. The 4PL business grows through the acquisition of Tradab.


Logent expands the customs operations and services with establishment on the boarder in Svinesund. In Port of Gothenburg, Logent Port & Terminals becomes the new export port for Volvo cars to Finland, Russia and China.


We continue to strive to be the most complete and leading logistics supplier which develops and delivers the logistics solutions of the future!


Mats Steen

Sara Fors

Paul Lindberg

CIO & Director Port & Hub
Kurt Liljergren

Vice President

Kenneth Thoresen

Director Norway
Sofie Fredrikson

acting Director Customs
Johan Wallmander

Director Staffing
Fredrik Strömberg

Director 4PL
Mats Holmberg

COO Logistics
Pontus Norberger

Manager Project Management

Quality policy

  • Logent’s overall goal is to meet customer requirements within our business areas: logistics, staffing, recruitment and consultancy
  • We meet executed agreements and work with customers to enhance quality and continuous process improvement.
  • We work with well defined roles, responsibilities and authority to create the right conditions in the business.
  • Logent working to develop leadership and employeeship to be the obvious choice as a supplier and employer in the industry.
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Certification and authorisation

We are authorised through Almega, AEO certified, and certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. For four years we have been nominated as a Gazelle company in Sweden by the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, as well as one nomination in Norway.

aeo_logga       gasell

auktoriserat         iso-9001       iso-14001

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Environmental policy

  • We shall take into account the environmental impact for every assignment on customers behalf, as well as in the way we manage our own business activities
  • Logent’s overall objective is to meet customer requirements within our business areas: logistics, staffing, recruitment and consultancy.
  • Based on our significant environmental aspects, we strive to reduce the use of resources through efficient waste management and pollution prevention.
  • We establish and monitor our environmental objectives and activities to achieve continuous improvement.
  • We comply with current legislation, internal guidelines, requirements and recommendations relevant to the business.
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Terms and conditions

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Logent values

Logent shall support innovation and diversity in the business and show respect towards the individual. The company shall act in a way that ensures security and continuity in the relationship between employers and employees.

Fundamental values

Logent’s values are based on an ethos of equality for all human beings and that all Logent employees shall have the same opportunities, rights and obligations. Our working environment is characterised by respect, understanding and a knowledge of other people. We see a value in differences and cultural diversity is a major strength of Logent. We encourage fair conditions between individuals and groups, and no one shall be discriminated against on the grounds of ethnic background, religion, physical or mental functional impairment, age, sex or sexual orientation.

Logent’s corporate culture and relationships shall be characterised by our values: commitment, knowledge and a good deal of courage. Our employees are our identity and a core part of our value proposition to our customers. Our values shall form the basis of how we act and work both internally and externally.

Our employees
In order to achieve our objectives and fulfil our assignments, we need highly qualified and dedicated employees who are goal and results oriented. Our basic view is that our employees are willing and able to assume a great deal of responsibility to perform their work effectively.

Our managers
In addition to the requirements for our other employees, we expect our managers to also be focused on ensuring that the organisation is characterised by job satisfaction, efficiency and continuous improvement. Among other things, this means creating ownership and allowing freedom to act with responsibility, achieving objectives and results, communicating honestly and directly even in difficult situations, taking advantage of ideas and having the courage to move forward.

Logent’s overall objective is to promote equality as a natural and integral part of every activity. Women and men shall have the same conditions, rights and development opportunities throughout the company, regardless of sex or origin.

Working environment
Here at Logent, we work to create a good physical and psychosocial working environment. The physical and mental working environment shall be designed to allow all employees to experience job satisfaction, a desire to work and to be happy with their efforts to produce good results for their department. All employees shall work together on a daily basis to produce continuous improvements, with the aim of achieving a safe and healthy working environment.


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