Application tips

Job hunting is an art that requires both time and commitment. Here are some tips on what you should consider when you write your application and at the job interview.

CV tips!

Your CV should fit on one A4 page. Always match the content of your CV to the work you are looking for, with relevant information for the actual job.

Applying for the job!

All applications for our current vacancies must be submitted through our website. The first step is to write a good and complete application.  

An application should consist of a brief cover letter, a CV, in other words a list of what you can do and have done previously, plus any other relevant documents such as certificates, references, or copy of your driving licence. Please read the advertisement carefully so you know if you match the job and that you meet the requirements. The application should quickly provide information about your skills, qualifications and experience. Be sure to customise your application for the work you are looking for.

Your application

Your CV should list and describe your experience, skills and personal qualities that you feel are relevant to the job you are applying for. Be clear and limit your CV to one A4 page. In the cover letter, justify why you have applied for the job and why you would be a good match.
For some of our jobs, you may be required to have other employment of at least 50 % or to hold a forklift licence, for example. You will strengthen your application and improve your chances of getting the job if you attach documents as evidence that you meet the requirements.

  • Check that your contact details in your application are correct; we will contact candidates by phone so it is also important that you are available and answer when we call.
  • It’s a good idea to include a photo of yourself in your CV that you think represents yourself in a good way.
  • Have someone else read through your CV and cover letter to get a second opinion about the wording and content before submitting it.

We would like you to provide at least one reference plus their contact details. Your reference should be someone who knows you well, preferably through a working relationship. This could be a manager, former boss or a colleague. If you don’t have any references from a job, you can use a teacher or tutor, for example. Always inform your chosen references in advance and agree that they are happy to provide a reference for you.

The job interview

When we arrange a job interview with you, you will also be sent information on what you need to bring with you to the interview. Prepare the documents you have been asked to bring. Prepare in advance any questions you may have about Logent and the work.

Please note that job ads are only available in local language. Navigate to job vacancies in Sweden or Norway.