Industry Solutions

Based on our broad experience of logistics we can provide a comprehensive industry concept that covers several of Logent’s different operations. In a complete solution we take responsibility for everything from A to Z and ensure proper execution and constant development of the customer’s logistic operations. Examples of total concepts are adapted solutions for the automotive industriy, construction and e-commerce.

Kurt Liljergren

Vice President

Automotive industry

Our concept for the automotive industry is based on the fact that we can combine various services in Logent's business and thus offer a solution for all or parts of the customer's logistics function.

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Project logistics

Logent works in project-based assignments and has developed a total concept with system support for workplace logistics for assignments in the construction industry, infrastructure projects or other project-specific areas.

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E-commerce logistics

We take on and develop logistics for companies operating in digital commerce. With a focus on profitability, efficiency and speed, Logent offers complete solutions for your e-commerce logistics.

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