Ancotrans chooses Logent Logistics Center in Hallsberg

Logent Logistics Center in Hallsberg receive the trains from Ancotrans, which previously went to Örebro.

This new collaboration enables Logent to strengthen its position as a combined terminal/inland port. With its new partnership with Ancotrans, Logent increases its capacity through expanded opening hours, more trucks and implementation of a new IT system tailored to terminal operations.

Christian Bergholtz, Branch Manager Ancotrans: “The geographical location of Logent’s Logistics Center in Hallsberg and their wide range of services, including customs warehousing, CFS Container Freight Station and warehousing, are the reasons why we work together and this feels very exciting for the future.”

Hallsberg kommun is pleased with the new train service, as transportation, with the environment in focus, is a very important factor.

Michael Sköld, Business Development and Strategic Sales, Logent: “Ancotrans is one of Sweden’s largest container carriers. They have an expansive and interesting business and we are very proud of our cooperation. Logent in Hallsberg now has the three largest Swedish container transporters as customers.”

For more information, please contact Michael Sköld, e-mail:

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