Logent becomes a strategic Logistics Partner for Volvo Car Corporation

As a provider of multiple services Logent plays a significant role in the strategic development of customer specific solutions within the Volvo Car Corporation. Yard Management, handling of customs and and documentation as well as Port and Terminal operations are all part of the integrated Logent product offering.

Logent recently announced that they, through their subsidiary Logent Automotive Logistics, are taking over the distribution of finished Automobiles from the VCC plant in Torslanda. Cars to the greater Stockholm Area, the “Mälardalen”-area (geographical region adjacent to Lake Mälaren) and Northern Sweden will be handled by Logent. The further extension of services into customs- and documentation shows increased confidence in Logent, already already handling cars at the Car Terminal in the Port of Gothenburg.

The increased co-operation covers control, coordination and shunting, i.e.  Yard Management, of about 200 000 finished cars at the Torslanda Plant. Furthermore Logent will be responsible for all customs- and documents handling in connection with export flows from both the plants in Torslanda (Sweden) and Gent (Belgium).

– Our commitment and willingness to continuous efficiency improvement and finding synergies through coordination of the entire distribution from factory to retailer were key to our being awarded this responsibility, says Anders Borgström, CEO of Logent Automotive Logistics.

Logent will also provide an intermediate international helpdesk and a transport booking function.

Automotive Logistics is a conceptual Industry-specific solution. Covering over multiple functions within Logent it is tailored to the Automotive Industry. The partnership with Volvo Car Corporation entails Logistics Consultancy, Staffing Solutions, Customs Brokerage and state of the art IT-support.

– More and more frequently the market is requesting highly complex solutions involving multiple business areas at Logent. Therefore Automotive Logistics will be extended with similar concepts, wrapping different areas of logistics competence into total, industry-specific solutions, says Tobias Jonasson, Sales- and Marketing Director at Logent.Facts

Logent Automotive Logistics was launched at the end of 2011. Its focus is on the delivery of efficient solutions for distribution within the Automotive Segment. Logent Automotive Logistics procures primary and supporting services for terminal- and distribution operations to match the needs of the customer. The core offering is based on the railway connections of Green Cargo, the Logent network of Ports and Intermodal Terminals and IT-systems as well as local truckers linked to these.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Borgström, CEO Logent Automotive Logistics
Tel: +46 702 31 20 00
E-mail: anders.borgstrom@logent.se

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