Swedol and Logent implements transport procurement

Logent and Swedol has recently started working together with a transport procurement process regarding the Nordic distribution for Swedol.

– We are happy to have gained the confidence from Swedol to assist them in their upcoming transport procurement. Together we are now working through the current solution. We will then make an evaluation in order to find the best price in combination with the highest quality, and at the same time minimize the impact on the environment, says Johnny Skeppstedt, CEO/Business Area Manager Logent Consulting.

Swedol offers their products to small and medium sized companies as well as individuals with high demands of professionalism and quality. The products are distributed through their own stores, internet and retailers in both Sweden and Norway. It has been several years since Swedol has made any transport procurements regarding the distribution from their warehouse in Örebro.

– We are looking forward to an interesting spring. This is a very important process for us. In competition with several other players on the market we choose Logent as a partner and procurement support, says Pontus Glasberg, Logistics manager, Logistikcenter, Swedol.

For further information, please contact:
Johnny Skeppstedt, CEO / Business Area Maganer Logent Consulting
+ 46 709 388 401, johnny.skeppstedt@logent.se

Pontus Glasberg, Logistics manager Logistikcenter, Swedol AB
+46 19 16 53 99, pontus.glasberg@swedol.se

About Swedol AB
Swedol AB, was founded in 1963 as a mail order company selling mainly oils and similar to haulage companies. 20 years later the company had five employees and a turnover of 8 million SEK. During the first years of 2000 Swedol started and opened their 31 stores in Sweden. 2011 Swedol entered the Norwegian market. At the end of 2012 Swedol had a total of 46 stores whereof six of them in Norway. The turnover was 1,366 million SEK and the company had more than 500 employees. Swedol is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm list Mid Cap.


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