Systemair and Logent in a long-term partnership within Transport Logistics

Logent and Systemair are working together within Transport Logistics.

Logens 4PL (Transport Management) service takes a holistic approach in which Logent designs, manages and continuously develops transport logistics in collaboration with Systemair.
“Logent takes a holistic approach to our transport logistics, which means that Logent is responsible for design, procurement, operation, administration, quality assurance, invoice management and continuous development of all our transportation. In addition, we gain access to excellence in this area. Continuous development of logistics is strategically important for us to meet the ever-changing changes that take place in the market, thus ensuring long-term cost-effective solutions. Logent’s solution also implies a large administrative burden for us, which means we can focus even more on our core business. Collaboration will eventually strengthen our market position, “says Magnus Eklund, CEO Systemair Sweden.

Fredrik Strömberg, CEO Logent Transport Management: “Systemair is active in an industry with high demands for efficiency as well as quality. Through Logent’s solutions, we establish control over existing and future flows and ensure the right costs and quality. Logent becomes the engine of the continuous development of transport logistics. We are looking forward to this cooperation with Systemair. “

For more information, contact Magnus Eklund, CEO of Systemair Sweden, e-mail: or Fredrik Strömberg, CEO Logent Transport Management AB, e-mail: Read more about Systemair.

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