Logent in Gothenburg operates Scandinavia's largest export terminal for vehicles. The amount of imports is also considerable. In addition to loading and unloading, we also offer setup and storage within the terminal area, as well as adaptation of car models to meet local specifications, so-called PDI services.

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Scandinavia’s largest export terminal for vehicles

There are direct routes to and from other parts of the world, including North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. The Gothenburg terminal is in an unbeatable location to serve the entire Nordic and Baltic region.

Logent Gothenburg Car & RoRo

Logent Gothenburg Car & RoRo, our operation in the Port of Gothenburg, employs over 60 permanent blue and white collar staff. We handle the loading and unloading of RoRo vessels, preparation of “High and Heavy” cargo units, and the loading of cars onto trains for distribution to dealers around the country. At the terminal we also perform transshipments from rail and truck to containers and vice versa – so-called cross-docking.

Our customers are RoRo shipping companies operating both deep sea and short sea services. Cargo flows are dominated by construction machinery and bus chassis, trucks and cars, as well as trailers and containers.

Services and solutions specific for Port of Gothenburg

Adaptation of imported cars

Cars imported into Sweden must sometimes be adapted to Swedish conditions, such as automatic dipped headlights. Logent Ports and Terminals therefore provide PDI – Pre-Delivery Inspection. The service involves adapting the cars to current specifications before they are transported to the dealers.

Customs handling

Our Gothenburg terminal is a duty-free zone where we offer our customers simple customs handling by providing full customs handling covering import and export clearance, bonded warehousing, forwarding and bonded warehousing solutions.

CFS / High & Heavy

An important service at the Car Terminal is CFS, Container Freight Station. This means that the shipping lines are offered preparation and handling of ro-ro units and that all customers linked to the Port of Gothenburg are offered stuffing/stripping of containers and platforms. The flow of goods into and out of the port can take place by sea, road or rail.

Private Import

On arrival of the vessel at the Gothenburg Car Terminal the shipping line informs the customer that the goods have arrived.

The shipping line in question releases/transfers the goods and sends confirmation to CT ID Services and the customer.
The customer clears the goods through customs.
On collection of the goods, the customer visits CT ID Services. The customer provides the correct goods labelling details and the IG number.
If the first free rental days have elapsed, rent for the space used is paid using a credit card, Mastercard or Visa. The customer produces identification and is given a pass and directions for inside the port area.
Car ID Services

Car ID Services announces wheeled cargo for collection or delivery through gate 2

Stay in the right lane 50 m before gate 2 and continue toward our cargo registration office. Park your vehicle and cross the street via the car park to the light blue building.

Opening hours
Mon – Fri   07-16*

*Goods requiring lift with forklift must arrive at the terminal no later than 15:30

Our telephone numbers are +46 702 19 00 96 and +46 722 32 35 44

Bulk goods handled by CFS and which must therefore be collected or delivered through gate 4, are announced as before by APM ID Services, is located just outside gate 4 in the Marshalling Area.

Export free time: 5 working days prior to the scheduled (published) day of loading
Import free time: 3 working days starting from the day after completed discharge


The customer produces identification and is given a pass and directions for inside the port area.
Opening hours for ID Services is 07.00-16.00