Logent specialises in warehouse and logistics staffing focusing on providing personnel for warehousing, distribution, industry and administration. We have long experience of different staffing arrangements and work actively to develop assignments and staffing plans in order to continuously reduce costs.

Patrik Nielsen

Director Staffing

The right person in the right place

Logent specialises in staffing for logistics. We know that your customers expect the right product at the right time and that you can provide them with the necessary staff who fully understand the role of logistics in the customer experience. Having Logent as your staffing partner means that our employees have the right training and the desire to help you and your company to create good customer relationships.

Logent’s staffing activities have expanded rapidly and are now leading the way in warehousing and logistics. If you need experienced forklift drivers, order pickers or production staff, Logent can find the right person for you from our database of over 3,000 employees. We work to fill both temporary requirements as well as longer full-time assignments. We would be happy to start the process by meeting in person so we can tell you more about the ways we can help you.

Our staffing solutions will give you:
  • Flexibility
  • Easy access to resources
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Focus on your core business

CSR Staffing

We also work with CSR solutions in staffing and already have a long tradition of seeing the opportunities and benefits of working with groups which traditionally find it difficult to enter the labour market, such as young people, immigrants and people with reduced working capacity. For Logent, these opportunities mean maintaining our commitment to supplement work with internal training at the workplace, to ensure production quality and to contribute to the personal development of these employees. Our ambition is also to continue contributing both actively and positively towards solving a major problem in our society. In this way, our customers are also part of the solution.

We work closely with the employment services within the framework of existing labour market measures to provide staffing solutions for people with reduced working capacity, together with partner companies and organisations, such as offering initial recruitment through partner companies, and staffing in collaboration with Samhall, the Swedish company that helps provide meaningful work for people with functional impairment. Logent always promotes practical operation by foremen, monitoring of agreements and quality assurance.


right training

right equipment

right attitude