Logent can operate and develop your logistics in warehousing and distribution through outsourcing or insourcing. We offer complete warehousing solutions with value-added services, and you can expect cost advantages when we take care of all or parts of your logistics.

"Logent showed great skill in handling cargo with special conditions, both in terms of transport and warehousing, and they were able to provide a transparent method of working so that together we can achieve the best long-term solution."

Susan Sandberg, Logistics Manager, Suzuki Garphyttan

We take responsibility for all or parts of your logistics

The idea behind a global solution for your warehousing and distribution is very simple – the customer can focus on the core business knowing that the logistics function is being managed and developed by specialists. 

Companies that choose to outsource all their logistics to us can expect added value such as cost advantages, continuous development and a high degree of flexibility. By taking over the operation and developing your logistics function, we work with you and share your risks, but most of all we are able to contribute with our knowledge and efficiency, and ensure that your logistics function becomes a competitive advantage.

Simplicity and predictability

We can also take responsibility for part of your logistics such as goods reception or pick & pack. Our consultants conduct a feasibility study in which we analyse your business. The results of the analysis form the basis of our quote, which is often transaction-based.

Our customers usually pay per order picked, package received, kg handled or similar. This creates a predictability and a clear focus on what we call qualitative productivity. This model is valued by our customers for its simplicity and predictability. The customer always knows what it costs to get the job done and Logent takes responsibility for maintaining the right quality and efficiency. Many of our customers see the great advantages of keeping their production in-house, while Logent ensures that staffing always meets your requirements and the right individuals staff the warehouse.

We work with highly trained and motivated team leaders who continuously look to drive development in their assignments, so we are not afraid of delivering unit price solutions.

Do you suffer from growing pains, productivity challenges or high fluctuations in the production flow? Then let Logent conduct a warehousing analysis so that together we can see if there is any added value in outsourcing activity either internally or externally to another party.

Warehouse establishment and optimisation

All our customers have different conditions, requirements and challenges, but what they all have in common is the need for an efficient logistics flow. We employ professional logistics specialists with a thorough understanding of our customers’ day-to-day business and a great ability to customise warehousing logistics and distribution processes to meet the customer’s needs and wants.

Logent’s simulation tool provides the ability to dynamically create and test a variety of warehousing scenarios. Ready-made modules are available to help you find the optimum layout and design and to allow the user to efficiently create a new warehouse, an existing warehouse or a warehouse conversion.

The tool suggests the optimum dimensioning of forklifts, handling equipment and resources to achieve efficient warehouse management. A unique feature is that the tool simulates and compares different flow scenarios to detect bottlenecks before they occur. We also offer a complete WMS platform for optimal warehouse process management.