We are specialists in staffing within warehouses, logistics, distribution and industry.
We offer our customers the right skills profile, at the right time, at the right market price.

There are several benefits to engaging a consultant through our services, particularly when you encounter temporary surges in workload or face staffing gaps. When you choose us, we take on the responsibility of handling the consultant’s employment and appoint a dedicated consultant manager who maintains open communication with both the consultant and you as our valued client.

Furthermore, we provide specialized expertise from essential personnel and managers to address your short-term requirements, which are typically encountered in projects or when there’s a vacancy until a permanent manager is hired. This is referred to as interim management.

Allow us to simplify your daily operations by implementing the appropriate approach and leveraging the necessary skills!

Business locations

Staffing process

We are continuously working to strengthen our customer & candidate offer. To be able to do that, it is necessary that our employees have a good knowledge of how the labor market is changing, and it is therefore important that we can be agile in our staffing process. Through continuous dialogue with our customers and candidates, we update ourselves on what is in demand on the labor market and we then apply that knowledge in our standard process for staffing services.

Requirements profile &

Our understanding of the company’s situation and requirement profile for the specific role is an important component for a high-quality delivery and a successful recruitment process.

Information about the company, the role, requirement profile and the process is compiled in a presentation to the candidate.

Identification &

We identify candidates through various sources such as:

  • Candidates in our existing networks
  • Our resume database
  • Social Media

We map potential candidates and industries through our advertisements, which are often ad campaigns.

Verification, Tests &

We carry out tests and in-depth interviews with interesting candidates, where we review their professional background and credentials as well as potential in the role and the company.

We also carry out drug tests if necessary and a GDPR-secured check in the criminal record.

We then present a selection of the most suitable candidates to you.

Customer interviews &

In this step, you meet and interview the final candidates and we act as a sounding board for both parties.

On the final candidate, we carry out a reference check, as well as any other checks after agreement with you.

Follow-ups take place weekly with you and the candidate.


Erik Skotte
Business Area President, Staffing & Recruitment

Claes Holmberg
Business Development Manager, CSR

Anne von Blixen
Regional Manager, South

Alexandra Borup
Regional Manager, West

Patrik Zebühr
Regional Manager, East


Alexander Boschetto
National Sales Manager

Dardan Memedov
National Sales Manager

Ellos Group is a leading e-commerce group with a wide range of fashion and home products. They have their headquarters and warehouse in Borås and are active in the Nordics and on selected markets in Europe.

The need for staff varies greatly from day to day with short notice, which places clear demands on us as a staffing partner to be reliable and flexible in delivery.

Logent has contributed with a high degree of flexibility and delivery security to manage the large fluctuations and focused on keeping a low staff turnover to create stability and quality.

The NordZucker Group (Nordic Sugar) processes sugar beets into sugar and sugar solutions for consumers and food producers.

Nordic Sugar had challenges with large seasonal variations that require high availability and skill rotation between the various departments. Logent contributes expertise within the entire production chain as well as an understanding of food handling.

With a dedicated team on site, ensuring competence rotation and participation in on-site planning, the delivery time has been shortened. Logent has also become a unifying function for the various units.

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