Ports & Terminals

Logent operates and develops port- and terminal operations where we through the combination of expertise from several areas has a unique offer. In our port operations, we solve all tasks within freight handling for cargo and passenger traffic.

We operate the ro-ro terminal in the Port of Gothenburg, the oil port in Nynäshamn and port and stevedoring services in the ports of Stockholm.

  • Independent player with focus on efficiency and flexibility
  • We solve your challenges
  • Business optimization that adds value to your business
  • Professionally trained staff and machine operators for ro-ro and container handling
  • Specially trained staff for all operations in oil-, LNG- and energy ports as well as terminals
  • Unloading/loading of cars, other RoRo units and High & Heavy loads
  • Container handling
  • CFS handling, reception, unloading/loading of goods, heavy lifting, storage
  • Railway management

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Mikael Myntti
Business Development & Sales
Ports & Terminals
+46 72 161 4874

Viking Line’s ships have been a familiar sight at Stadsgårdsterminalen in Stockholm since the 1980’s. Logent Ports & Terminals has for instance, since 2010, been offering daily transport on and off the ships for trailers, other driverless vehicles and cargo units.

”To be able to keep our schedule and ensure the good customer experience for our guests Logent’s efforts are crucial for us”

– Dan Roberts
Fleet Manager Safety, Security & Port Operations på Viking Line”

Many travelers on both sides of the Baltic Sea have a personal relationship with both Tallink and Silja Line and the famous seal. The traffic in Stockholm can be traced to the early 1990´s. Even then, quality and reliability were key words for the business. Logent Ports & Terminals has been delivering stevedoring and support services to Tallink Silja Line in Värtahamnen for almost ten years.

“Our recognition factor and quality profile are strong driving forces for us. We also place high demands on our service partners. Logent meets these requirements and is an important part of our face towards the customers” 

Håkan Fagerström
Group Head Of Cargo, Tallink Silja

WW Ocean’s ships have for a very long time been loyal and regular visitors to the port of Gothenburg. Logent Ports & Terminals offers the shipping company and its import and export customers stevedoring and terminal services of various kinds.