Transport Management

Logent as your Partner in Transport Management. We become an integrated part of the customer´s logistics organization where we as long-term partner designs, administrates and manages the supply chain. Logent Transport Management is independent and we provide a unique competence, automated processes as well as a global logistics network

The effects for the customers are reduced transport costs, reduced administration and increased control. The partnership is initiated by a Transport Analysis where a business case is verified. The visibility created in the setup (of flows, costs, quality, emission) enables the structured management of the supply chain. Logent is acting as an “engine” in identifying improvements as well as in implementing them.

Logent enables a holistic and independent view of the customer´s supply chain, on a strategic level as well as on operational level. We become an integrated part of the customer´s logistics organization, in designing, administrating and managing the supply chain. The effects for the customer are:

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced burden for the customer´s organization
  • It´s simple: One contact – one system – one controlled invoice
  • The Transport Design is formed to optimize each part of the supply chain
  • Logent´s independent Transport Analysis provides a clear overview of “As Is” and identifies potential improvements
  • Logent´s unique and global logistics network is handling all modes of transport
  • Optimization based on cost, emission, flexibility, lead-time and quality
  • Reduced transport costs

Logent’s unique competence and methodology in transport sourcing and implementation will make sure that the optimal solution for each part of the supply chain is established. Logent takes full responsibility for the complete solution; implementation, configuration, training, follow-up etc.

  • Introduce alternative green solutions
  • Access to Logent´s unique competence and logistics network
  • Structured Implementation methodology
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Efficient Transport Administration that is managed and operated by experienced transport specialists
  • Modern IT-solution that visualizes the supply chain
  • Automated processes
  • It´s simple – one contact, one system, one controlled invoice
  • Reduced transport costs through detailed automated invoice control
  • Reinforcement of the customer´s logistics department
  • Invoice control minimizes the customer´s internal administration
  • Partnership with Logent´s specialists will enable continuous improvements
  • KPI-review, fact-based analysis, SOP, training etc.

Contact us

Fredrik Strömberg
Business Area President Transport Management
+46 70 301 3404

Anders Rubin
Sales Executive Transport Management
+46 70 712 5781

Exempel of current partnerships

In all partnerships, Logent has designed, implemented and now operates the Transport Management-solution. This has resulted in cost efficiency as well as efficient administrative processes for our customers.

As a part of the partnership the customers have improved their control of the supply chain (cost, quality, emissions) as well as saved significant time in order administration, transport bookings and invoice handling. All cooperation’s have started with a Transport Analysis where a business case was described.


Comment from a customer

”Previously we put a lot of effort in understanding HOW we should solve different problems in our supply chain, that is not the case anymore. Now we only ask WHEN it is done”

Logent takes full responsibility for the transport logistics, i.e. to optimize it when it comes to cost efficiency as well as quality.

With the support from Logent, ITAB can now put full focus on continued market growth. Logent is managing and developing the transport logistics, in tight partnership with ITAB.

– We are very proud of this partnership. ITAB is in the middle of a transformation of their business, we at Logent is supporting this by making sure that the transport logistics is agile and efficient. With Logent´s solution we have taken control of the supply chain and manage it with high quality, says Fredrik Strömberg, CEO at Logent Transport Management.

Partnership with Swedish Armed Forces:

Swedish Armed Forces has significant goods flow in their supply chain. Yearly there are over 70 000 shipments; domestic as well as international. There are also a significant number of advanced special deliveries every year. The quality requirements are high. All this was previously handled with different processes within the organization and with different partners.

Logent has established a control tower with modern technical components, taking control of transport sourcing as well as management and daily operations. The total Transport Management-solution has provided a more efficient logistics process with lower cost, improved quality as well as improved control and management.