Logent offers operation and development of logistics within warehousing and distribution through outsourcing or as a contract solution. We offer complete warehousing solutions, both manual and automated, and value-added services. With Logent as logistics partner you as a customer can predict cost advantages and operational efficiency.

  • Dedicated and multi-customer warehouses
  • Modern logistics solutions for efficiency
  • Reduce fixed costs and assets
  • Pay for actual volume through unit prices
  • Flexibility through adapted capacity
  • Partnership with logistics expert for continuous development
  • Possibility of staff takeover or start-up of warehouse operations with new staff
  • Tailor-made solutions for, for example, customer service and invoice management
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Supply chain coordination, monitoring and control of logistics flows
  • Product processing / VAS services in connection with warehouse operations
  • Pay for actual volume through unit prices
  • Flexibility through adapted capacity
  • Expertise in leading WMS systems
  • Partner in the procurement of WMS systems

Logent offers qualified logistics consultants for companies that want to develop and streamline their logistics. We analyze all or parts of the business and suggest measurable and feasible improvements. Our work includes:

  1. Logistics investigations
  2. Process optimization
  • Analysis of layout and material handling equipment
    – Analysis and design for automation solutions
    – Project management for implementations
    – Conceptual design and new establishment
  • Solution guarantee

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Vice President Business Development
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Johan Edström
Business Development Manager
+46 76 891 3000

The e-commerce company NA-KD is building a new AutoStore warehouse together with Logent and Element Logic in order to continue to deliver on its strong sales growth and improve its lead times to all Nordic customers. NA-KD has given the logistics partner Logent the task of designing and operating the warehouse. The AutoStore facility initially has over 100,000 slopes and 100 robots. The facility is initially adapted to deliver over 1,000 orders per hour and is prepared to expand multiple times. The facility will eventually become one of the larger AutoStore facilities in Europe. Commissioning is scheduled for Q3 2020.

“Logent and Element Logic play in the top division in logistics and warehouse automation and are ideal partners for us. This is one of the most exciting logistics projects in Northern Europe in 2020. With the automated warehouse, we will be able to continue to deliver on our strong sales growth and improve our lead times for our Nordic customers. ”

Boozt is growing rapidly and has for 9 years chosen Logent as a partner in logistics. Logent has had the trust since 2011 and has continuously adapted the logistics solution, from manual handling to one of the world’s largest Autostore facilities. Boozt customer offering with fast delivery times places high demands on flexibility and an ability to adapt staffing on a daily basis

“We are very pleased with Logent and our partnership. Over the past 5 years, we have had a fantastic development and growth where Logent has played a large part in our work to become the market-leading model supplier online with the most satisfied customers. ”

The Borås-based e-commerce company Bubbleroom is in the middle of a huge growth journey and has chosen to outsource the operation of the warehouse to Logent. Efficient logistics with best in class lead times is a prerequisite for achieving expected growth.

“Bubbleroom is growing at a rapid pace and we hope to be able to significantly reduce our lead times to customers with Logent’s help. They have very strong references and a strong customer portfolio, especially the e-commerce company Boozt which operates in the same segment as us. Logent’s knowledge and skills were factors that made us ultimately choose to work with them. ”